Wandering Potter Marie Marušková

Meet charming tea bowls by Marie!

Wandering Potter Marie

How it started

“I studied at a graphic college where I encountered ceramics – large, pieces of unfired soil – only in sculpture workshops. I always loved to feel the dirt, feel the material in my hands and on them, to have printing colours, pastels or soil all over the place.”


“I began to enjoy the material more when teaching pottery workshops for handicapped students at the Jedlička Institute where we could fully enjoy the haptic “ode to mud”. About five years ago, I got to turning and the magic of bringing together earth, water and fire thanks to the courses of the Klikov masters.
What I love best is turning on the kick wheel, the use of the entire body. I am fascinated by the way soil remembers everything; it is an amazing material that remembers the imprints and there are many possibilities to work it while drying. The process after turning is even more important for me – the rocking of the bowls, “the way I’m scratching them”, as my friends comment on me sometimes. Also firing, the way the flame singes the bowl, giving it its final form.”

Wandering Apprentice

“I am not a professional potter; if I were to give it a name, I would say I am “a vagrant pottery apprentice”. I’ve got no wood kiln of my own or a proper turning wheel – I am able to turn and fire my stuff thanks to my precious friends from Klikov, Doupě, Levín and Věžatá pláň. I am also able to go further into the world, learn and see the other possibilities of using soil, glazes and fire.”

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