Early Flush – meet Darjeeling Glenburn Moonshine, FF 2018!

Because of the very specific circumstances in the past season, the first Darjeeling tea from the Glenburn garden has arrived as soon as this early time of the year.

První sběr v Darjeelingu

First picking in Darjeeling

New season in Darjeeling

The past year was marked by a very long strike that started shortly after the first flush and lasted almost all summer. The only thing many gardens managed to do was to prune and winter their tea bushes. The autumnal flush almost did not take place. It is because of this early rejuvenating pruning and auspiciously warm weather that the spring flush started very early.

Glenburn Tea Estate

is one of the cornerstones of the Darjeeling treasure. Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest gardens in the region. It runs over the northern slopes of the valleys to the north-east from the town of Darejeeling to the Sikkim border.

DJ Glenburn Moonshine Ex-02

Long, unbroken, lightly rolled, slightly withered and oxidised dry leaf of intensive, fresh flowery and slightly citrus scent. Clear, very lightly green infusion of balanced, smooth creamy taste, very fine but rich flowery scent with pleasant herbal tones and long tangerine aftertaste.
A picking of young peak leaves from small bushes of the AV-2 (Ambari Vegetative 2) type characteristic with clear, almost translucent taste full of exotic fruits.

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