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Tree is not wood under bark – tea trays by Vlasta Hanuš

11. 03. 2020

We are fascinated by people who create things with their own hands – something we can touch and use in our daily lives. Wood is a great accessory for tea – it also is a woody plant after all… Vlasta Hanuš makes tea trays and tables, which you can admire in our shop.     […]

The Sakhejung Garden – the Story of Mrs Milan

30. 01. 2020

This story started around 2000. There were very few tea factories in Nepal, but tea farming was on a rise: new gardens sprang up like mushrooms and thousands of small farmers started growing tea. However, there was no one who would process the leaves and, inevitably, their price was falling rapidly. Within a couple of […]

Jarda Marek – fires in an anagama kiln!

04. 01. 2020

Let us introduce another gifted Czech potter, Jarda Marek, who fires tea pottery in a wood-kiln. And not just any wood-kiln, but an anagama. Jarda was born in 1984 and was introduced to pottery making as early as primary school. “When studying at a college of applied arts in Český Krumlov I discovered wood-fired pottery and […]

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