Sheng Puerh from 2009

2009 Mengla Gushu Bing Cha

Wild Trees Puerh
This exceptionally well processed sheng puerh in 400 g cake from wild tea trees comes from tea master´s Jingong Yu hands. The cake consists mainly of long, quite hairy unbroken leaves. It´s darker green brown metallic colour shows it´s maturity. It has pleasantly balanced aroma with a slight earthiness, sweet hint of spices, resembling of pepper or even smoke.

Mengla Gushu Bing Cha 2009

Golden – green in a cup with very pleasant mineral, soft creamy flavour with sweet pepper-like tones, hint of vanilla and mint with herbal woody euphorising aftertaste, that lasts forever.

Recommended preparation (Asian style): we put 5 g of tea into small (100 – 150 ml) teapot or gaiwan, we pour with water, that was boiled and has approx 95°C. Let it steep very briskly for 10 seconds, tea endures 8 to 10 infusions like that. The peak is around 6th infuison, than prolong the steeping time.

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