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Zhang Gu Zhi – Inner Beauty From Anagama Kiln

29. 03. 2021

Masterpieces from the anagama kiln by Taiwanese artist Zhang Gu Zhi have their own unique character. At first glance, the rough, unpolished and robust pieces hide the beauty and elegance that we will discover when we examine them in more detail. Then we find many small details and small beauties, original reflections and metallic or […]

How did Oolong Tea get its special name

11. 03. 2021

Oolong is a corruption of Chinese word Wu Long, which means black dragon. An old Chinese legend is associated with the origin of this name. Lazy Fellow Black Dragon Once upon a time, probably in the Wuyi Mountain Range in the Chinese province of Fujian, a farmer lived in the mountains. He had a son […]

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