Exhibition “Without Borders” in Taichung

Exhibition of teaware and tea accessories in the Chiou Shan Tang tearoom in Taichung − Petr Novák, Mirka Randová, Andrzej Bero and Scott Drake.

15 May: Part of the things have been here since the very start of the exhibition on 6 May. Me and Petr brought the rest in two huge suitcases. We unpacked and priced the last batch of teaware. Andrzej Bero is coming tonight. People are crazy about the pottery. It is great to see such passion for tea and teaware. You meet tea everywhere you go. I will never forget the sight we saw during our last trip to Taiwan in a highway rest area: a motorcycle gang sitting in their black leather suits around a tiny tea table with tiny teabowls, drinking tea kung-fu style.

Tomorrow there is a kind of an exhibition opening at 2 pm with some close friends of the tea room. The next day we will have other guests and friends for tea. The pottery is exhibited till the end of May. You are most welcome! On Monday morning we set off for a trip to the mountains − to our next tea adventure.


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