Taiwan 2015 – Vol 1

It took two hours on a bus from the airport to Taichung. Everything went well, I could even communicate with the

Scott and Dan

Scott and Dan

local people in English. Scott Drake picked me up on the bus stop and took me straight to the Chou Shan Tang tearoom to see the exhibition “Without Borders” (Novák, Randová, Bero and Drake). It’s great to be back and meet the lovely people connected with this place. The exhibition is marvellous, it is a beautiful, sensitive show of the works by Petr, Mirka, Andrzej and Scott. It seems almost half of the pieces have been booked. People do enjoy and appreciate them. Everybody urged me to unpack Petr’s pottery I brought. They were excited.

We had dinner in a restaurant next door. Then Scott said there were some friends expecting us. In a car borrowed from Scott’s mother in law we drove again through Taichung by night.
In the old Japanese quarter near the university we found a beautiful old tearoom full of adorable tea “jumble”. Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese antiquities… plenty of tea… The interior of the tea room was created using wood from the interior of the original Japanese house. We were served tea and met the owner of the venue – for whom the tearoom is a hobby after his working hours – and his friend, a famous local pottery maker, who gave us his book as a welcome present and played a beautiful melody on an ocarina he made himself. We went on to drink much more tea and chatted until late.

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