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On Sunday I took Petr to the airport. He was so enthusiastic about the journey! The day before he and Mirka had been putting the finishing touches to the pieces from the last kiln − two kilns, in fact. He wrapped almost everything and stuffed it into two huge black suitcases. One of them he has taken with him and the other one is waiting to fly with me in an exactly one week. There will be a real lot of his pottery at Petr’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan.

A year ago, during our first journey to Formosa, Petr’s pottery was admired wherever he went. In the local cultural milieu his work gained respect and appreciation. It was during this journey that Petr received an invitation to take part in a prestigious pottery competition. Last autumn he won the jury’s award there.
Another such milestone is the exhibition in the Chou Shan Tang tearoom in Taichung that takes place between 6th and 31st May. It is a joint project of Petr Novák, Mirka Randová, Polish pottery maker Andrzej Bero and another friend of ours, Scott Drake from California who will present his beautiful wooden tea accessories.
Petr Novak
If you happen to stay in Taiwan on 17 May, come and join us for tea at the Chou Shan Tang tearoom in Taichung. We will spend the day drinking tea and enjoying the beauty of tea accessories.
We will do our best to keep you updated about our second Taiwan trip, part of which we will dedicate to the exploring of new teas and tea growers. We will then buy the best teas for our eshop and share with you.
We all have something to look forward to!

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