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Today, we opened vintage tea samples from 2006 for tasting!
We were very curious what happened with the teas after nearly eight years. How did their taste change? Did they ripen? Did they grow old?
The archive from 2006 contains 50-gram samples of the first and second flushes from the Goomtee Estate and also almost a year older Darjeeling Goomtee Golden Oolong from autumn 2005.
Today we opened the first flush Darjeeling. We were surprised by a rather distinctly fruity aroma of the dry leaf. After inserting into a preheated teapot, the aroma was enhanced with mild resin fragrance and tones of dried mint and caramel candies.
We prepared two infusions by adding 85-degree water and brewing each time for a minute and a half.
The spring-fruity tones were quite attenuated, accentuating the fruitiness (of pickled and dried fruits) and light, yet rather mature woody and resin-like liquor. The taste was quite complex, balanced or even robust with a strong, round, slightly astringent aftertaste.
We are looking forward for the remaining two samples. We will let you know.

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