Himalayan Shangri-la

The Himalayan Shangri-La is basically just a factory built ten years ago at the place where local farmers originally grew tea for their own consumption. They processed it manually, a tradition perpetuated in many families until the present day. Farmers (supplying the tea to the factory) form an association supervising the tea-growing standards, “fair” conditions for the employees, as well as proper methods of tea plant cultivation and tea harvest.
We visited a fairly modern factory and tasted the first lots of this year’s flushes. The tea maintains a standard quality, usual for this garden. We were surprised at the young age of the entire team of the estate management, which was 26 years at the time of our visit.
We also visited the garden of one of the small farmers. The leaves from the tea plants, which were cultivated very nicely, have just been picked. We also visited the farmer’s family and tasted their hand-processed tea produced for their own household’s needs. The Himalayan Shangri-La’s owner has had a tea shop in Kathmandu for over twenty years.

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