Wood-firing Potter – Jura Lang

We have been looking at his things with admiration for a long time and now they are finally in our offer – wood-fired pottery by Jura Lang!

Jura Lang

Jura Lang

I have worked with clay since 2005. At the beginning I made figurative statues. In 2010, I began throwing on a wheel in the ceramics centre in Koněšín. Here, I met the brothers Nikola ana Dan Seko and Jan Jánský. Thanks to them I discovered the beauty of wood fired pottery and as time passed, I was drawn into this world. In 2012 AD, I built my own wood fired kiln in Střížovice, where I dwell, and began to learn by practicing, and I have been practicing since.

Where did it begin for you – with tea or a teapot?
For me, it definitely started with a teapot. I am more of a common
potter and thus teaware is just another – albeit rather specific –
part of the craft. I keep learning to understand through making it,
selling it, and communicating about it with my customers and by using
it myself.

How about clay? Are you a fan of local materials?
Mostly, I buy my material – stoneware and porcelain – from Czech
manufacturers. I mix my glazes myself.

Do you take inspiration from Asian teaware?
Like most potters who do wood firing at higher temperatures, I am to a
certain extent inspired by Asian production.

What do you pay attention to when making teapots? It is a bit of
science –even in good-looking teapots there are sometimes problems
with the lid or the shape of the spout.
When I make teapots, I aim at the best possible combination of shape
and function. I am not a seasoned tea connoisseur, but I like drinking
it and learning about it that way.

As you can see, potters usually don’t say much. Their work speaks for itself, in this case really beautifully:

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