Jarda Marek – fires in an anagama kiln!

Let us introduce another gifted Czech potter, Jarda Marek, who fires tea pottery in a wood-kiln. And not just any wood-kiln, but an anagama. Jarda was born in 1984 and was introduced to pottery making as early as primary school.

Jaroslav Marek

“When studying at a college of applied arts in Český Krumlov I discovered wood-fired pottery and later, studying ceramics and its renovation in Brno, I learned old pottery techniques. Spellbound by fire, I have become a potter.
I use a Japanese anagama kiln, which gives pottery specific colour and natural ash glazing at high temperatures around 1,300°C. I like testing new clays, which I collect and treat myself. The knowledge of how kilns work is important for me and I build wood-firing kilns as well. For me, the contact with clay is a meaningful creative outlet − and an everyday challenge.”

Look at Jaroslav´s working place:

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