Let´s go for tea adventures!

You will definitely enjoy traveling with your favorite tea utensils. The question is how to protect it, pack it, transport it, just don’t break it. Try Care For Teaware!

Care For Teaware

Care For Teaware

Raneta Coolakova

Raneta Coolakova

With teapots around the globe

Care for Teaware stands for practical and beautiful handmade pieces for tea ceremonies – both in tea rooms and outdoors. The brand is founded on the values of reliability and curiousness. Reliability means you can count on your #careforteaware bags to be durable, functional, and sustainable. Curiosity is reflected by a constant evaluation and aiming at growing inventiveness and relevance. The brand’s vision is as clear as it is true: to inspire people to get out there with a kettle, teapot, cups and tea leaves. Really, go for tea adventures!

As Nature wanted

The founder of Care for Teaware is Raneta Coolakova, a tea nomad from Siberia – a wild forested part of Russia. “I have done a lot of travelling around the world, with teapots, kettles, and bowls, and has shared tea with many wonderful tea people from all over the planet. That’s how I began to create those convenient, earth-friendly, reliable system for the protection of the fragile tea ware.” Raneta kindly created few original pieces for Klasek Tea.

Designed for safe and joyful tea travels, the #careforteaware pieces are carefully chosen to complement tea space with elegance and colour. It uses only natural materials – as the Earth intended.

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