Let´s go to the Night Market!

One of the many savours of Taiwan we tasted during our trip with Petr Novák.

Night markets are one of Taiwan’s biggest attractions mentioned by every single travel guide. They are a must similar to the visit to Taipei’s 101 – which is why we had originally preferred to miss out on the experience.
But the moment we stepped outside the Chun Shui Tang tea room in Taichung after the unforgettable session with Master Fang Lao Shi our new friend Scott asked: “Are we going to the night market?” so we set out.
The tradition of night markets was brought here by the first immigrants from mainland China. These street markets can be found in every mid-size town in Taiwan. In the colourful mix of stalls you can buy mainly fast food, but also classic Asian trinkets, “designer” clothes, mobile cases or 30-year-old pu-erh for 2 dollars. There is a large crowd till late, people rushing in both directions flooded with lights, loud music and an incredible mixture of smells.
If you happen to visit a night market make sure you taste Stinky Tofu and of course original Taiwanese Bubble Tea!


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