A Tea Trip for Taiwanese Oolongs – part 3, almost tea-free

Taroko Gorge

After the first, very busy and experience-packed week in Taipei, we started to miss the nature. The stay in the capital was pleasant and people were very nice, but we wanted to go into the wilderness. To climb the mountains and to swim in the sea. Upon our friends’ recommendation, we took the train to the Taroko national park in the eastern part of the island. To the mountains rising up directly from the Pacific Ocean.

The train took us to the small town of Xincheng, which is the entry gate to the national park. Without hesitation, we borrowed a scooter right outside the railway station and with all of our luggage went to look for a hotel.

It is probably useless to describe the beauty of the local mountains, wild passes, deep valleys, marble cliffs, sky-blue rivers or stormy ocean. Hopefully, a few pictures will tell more.

Just let me add that a lovely tea-party took place in the hot springs of Wenshan, on the shores of the wild Taosai river.



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