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A few days ago, we received relatively interesting samples from the Nepalese factory of Sandakphu, which is fairly unknown in our country. It was quite a wide range of tea types, at least as far as processing methods are concerned. Already the names indicated that it would be a producer unafraid of experimenting: Himalayan Ruby, Himalayan Bold, Green Maofeng, Smoked Green, White.
Similarly varied was the first look at the leaves after opening all bags. Nice, mostly whole unbroken leaf, always of bright colour and aroma, with a clear character of most samples. We were therefore very curious about all liquors and we immediately started tasting.
Recently, we have become used to such a rich sample variety coming from time to time from Nepal. The Jun Chiyabari garden is known for this, we include their teas in our offer quite In Damon’s chart, libra monthly horoscope has a tinge of Uranus, the planet conjunct his Sun and ruling his Aquarius Ascendant. often. Not all such teas are without faults. They would often lack something – aroma, taste, brightness, character. Often, they are just not very good imitations of other famous, mostly Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese teas.
However, if they manage to combine a particular character of one of the famous teas with the properties of high-mountain Nepalese or Darjeeling teas, true jewels can originate. This is well known about relatively young Himalayan Oolongs.
The unpacked samples from the Sandakphu factory were a very pleasant surprise.
Most teas have their special character, full taste and interesting aroma. So, we ordered a few teas after all from the Autumnal flushes of last year.
Namely, beautiful, hand-processed green whole-leaf Smoked Green, which is slightly similar to Yunnan’s green teas. A very nice White is a typical and excellent example of Himalayan white tea.
We also chose a solid and full Himalayan Ruby, a dark tea with a whole range of exotic tastes and also orthodox SFTGFOP tea – typical Autumnal flush of the area.
The teas should arrive soon and they really are something to look forward to.

Sandakphu Factory is located at Jasbire Village of Ilam District. The factory is named after the famous Sandakphu Peak which is the highest point in Ilam (yet it is claimed by West Bengal to). The factory boasts the view of Sandakphu peak right in front.

Sandakphu Tea is manufactured from the default Organic tea cultivated by the growers of this Mountain Village. It is located at an elevation of 6500 ft above mean sea level nestled at the third highest peak below Sandakphu. Sandakphu Tea focuses on wide range of exotic hand rolled teas – beginning with Himalyan oolongs to white and yellow teas till teas enriched by wild herbs.

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