Easter Matcha Eggs

 Who has no time and courage to bake Easter cookies can easily create delicious unbaked green Easter eggs with a Japanese powdered green tea – Matcha.

Easter Matcha Eggs

Every delicate piece with a grated coconut or genmai (roasted rice), that melts in your mouth, will replace a cup of a strong green tea!


10 g of green powdered tea (gastro quality; the premium matcha is only for drinking in peace :-))
250 g of butter
200 g powdered sugar (or 3 g of stevia)
200 g of dried milk
200 g of grated coconut
100 g of genmai (if you have, japanese rosted rice)

How to do it

Powdered green tea

Mix thoroughly butter, sugar, dried milk and matcha using your hands. To make it more compact add some coconut. Once you have a nice dough, put it into the fridge for a while. It will make the shaping process easier. To shape the little eggs is not easy, but here is a tip: buy a little plastic egg in your local flower shop and transform it into a mould (cut it in half and then press the dough into it). Make the eggs small, otherwise they loose delicacy. You can divide the dough into halfs and one part cover with a grated coconut or genmai, or with small mixed dried fruits.
Tip: Store in the firdge, but not too long, it is supposed to be eaten quite soon. Enjoy!

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