What is micro-lot and how tastes DJ Goomtee Oolong

In early season, when leaves grow in very small quantities, tea is processed into so called micro-lots, marked as EX or EXN.

Picking fresh leaves

These are quite exclusive batches of tea, highly valued for several reasons. First, it is a very small quantity of the very first spring tea that grew on tea bushes in Darjeeling (Nepalese tea is harvested few weeks later). Small quantity is practical for a whole further processing. It is much easier to manipulate with 10 kg of leaves than with hundreds of kilos that come for the lots later on.
Accuracy of the managers and attention they pay to those micro-lots is also one of the important factors. In the end, i tis the first product that is let out in spring, and not only tea bushes, but also tea managers are fresh after the winter time.

Goomtee Oolong, First Flush 2017

Gracefuly processed tea, evenly rolled and just slightly oxidized unbroken silvery-green leaf. Headily sweet, even creamy aroma with velvet tones of white chocolate.
Golden-green in a cup with very intense harmonicaly balanced sweet flowery flavour with tones of citruses and meadow flowers with a hint of mint and a long herbal aftertaste. Te is marked as Oolong because of the undamaged unbroken leaf, not because of processing.

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