Embargo is lifted

In a meeting held last nigt (29th March) in Siliguri between the representatives of Darjeeling Tea Association and GJM (party for „Gorkha Land“), CPRM and Congress, it was decided the embargo would be lifted from 63 gardends gathered under DTA. The remaining 23 gardens still have the tea embargo.

The embargo was going on since 4th March, blocking the export of famous First Flush teas from Darjeeling Tea Estates. The GJM´s request was to raise the wages of workers. These negotiation are still going on.
Till last year, DTA was only organisation for Darjeeling planters. Later on, however, 17 gardens decidedto go undet Indian tea Association who markets the teas worldwide.
That cost them – the embargo is not lifted on that part. Nevertheless, the result of all these events can affect the competitivness of the industry in future. Anyway, we are happy the FF teas are coming now and we can offer them in a short time!

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