Mirka and wood-fired porcelain clay

18. 05. 2018

Mirka and her “new chapter” with porcelain clay inspired us to ask her few questions. Mirka, you have started to work with porcelain clay. Is that something new or a kind of a return to the roots? A bit of both, probably. Porcelain is not a new material for me, but not a return to the roots, either. […]

Spring Flush − Nepal vs. Darjeeling

07. 05. 2018

Why start a month earlier with the same conditions? The spring tea season has is here again. Couriers of renowned companies are coming to our door every day, delivering plump envelopes and being greeted with a big smile – we know what they bring! The dozens and dozens of tea samples from gardens of famous […]

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Tile master and Potter Martin Hadrava

23. 04. 2018

Lives in Klikov, South Bohemia. This is a transcription of the words that Martin wrote about himself after making a deal and drinking some tea with us. He said he had to do it fast because later on he would not get to it anymore. He took a pen, sat at a table and started […]

Sheng Puerh from 2009

23. 03. 2018

2009 Mengla Gushu Bing Cha Wild Trees Puerh This exceptionally well processed sheng puerh in 400 g cake from wild tea trees comes from tea master´s Jingong Yu hands. The cake consists mainly of long, quite hairy unbroken leaves. It´s darker green brown metallic colour shows it´s maturity. It has pleasantly balanced aroma with a slight earthiness, […]

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Wandering Potter Marie Marušková

14. 02. 2018

Meet charming tea bowls by Marie! How it started “I studied at a graphic college where I encountered ceramics – large, pieces of unfired soil – only in sculpture workshops. I always loved to feel the dirt, feel the material in my hands and on them, to have printing colours, pastels or soil all over […]

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Early Flush – meet Darjeeling Glenburn Moonshine, FF 2018!

10. 02. 2018

Because of the very specific circumstances in the past season, the first Darjeeling tea from the Glenburn garden has arrived as soon as this early time of the year. New season in Darjeeling The past year was marked by a very long strike that started shortly after the first flush and lasted almost all summer. […]

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07. 11. 2017

Aleš ‘Belin’ Dančák studied music college in Ostrava and went on to work with glass, natural tiling and plaster models in workshops for several years. He considers himself a self-taught potter. “I have made pottery for fifteen years. I work with earthenware and porcelain, I use wood firing and what I like is to experiment […]

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Tie Guan Yin Oolong from Muzha

11. 08. 2017

Taiwan Muzha Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong is a traditionally processed tea from cultivar Tie Guan Yin that originally comes from a Chinese Anxi region in Fujian province. (Ti Guan Yin tea is anmed after “Iron Goddes of Mercy”, female emanation of Buddha of Compassion, Avalokiteshwara). Taiwanese Muzha 木柵 district is famous thanks to those excellent […]

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What is micro-lot and how tastes DJ Goomtee Oolong

04. 04. 2017

In early season, when leaves grow in very small quantities, tea is processed into so called micro-lots, marked as EX or EXN. These are quite exclusive batches of tea, highly valued for several reasons. First, it is a very small quantity of the very first spring tea that grew on tea bushes in Darjeeling (Nepalese […]

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And what about Darjeeling…?

15. 02. 2017

While our stock of last year´s First Flush from Darjeeling and Nepal slowly dissappears, we are getting information about upcoming spring season. And that is not very encouraging. It seems, that every year the news from Himalayan foothills repeat again and again…   Every time we hear about disfavour of weather, about drought or labour […]

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