In a first, Tea Board sets plucking start date

09. 01. 2019

Indian State is regulating the tea season. What effects it will practically have we don´t know yet. What we know is that probably our cup of tea will be a bit more costly… The Telegraph published 21st of December 2018 The Tea Board of India has, for the first time, given a date for commencement of the plucking […]

How do I choose the right tea? – Series

11. 12. 2018

1st part – Taste of Tea There’s no easy answer to this question. Perhaps except for finding an experienced source you can trust and whose teas never disappoint. Let’s have a look at that question anyway. It depends on what you are looking for in a tea. • What are your taste preferences? What are […]

Gyokuro by tea master Tohei Maejima

29. 10. 2018

Master Maejima Tea master Tohei Maejima grows his tea on plantages in Okabe town, Shizuoka prefecture. His family cares for tea bussines already for three generations and Gyokuro type of tea are their specialty. Mister Maejima is a holder of many awards from tea competitions and three golden medals from World Green Tea Contest. He […]

Colours of the Flames – Ferdinand Hovančík

15. 10. 2018

    Ferdinand Hovančík was born on 29th of April 1975 in Slovakia. He creates tea pottery since 1998 together with his brother Erich. They began in Klikov in South Bohemia, in mister Kovařík´s studio. They have bulit their own kiln after 3 years. They work only with local clays and glazes from local materials. […]

Smoked Tea by Singpho People

10. 10. 2018

The Singpho (Chinese: Jingpo) ethnic group inhabits a vast area reaching from the most eastern areas of the Indian Arunachal Pradesh, upper Assam and Nágaland to northern Burma and Yunnan, China. Their knowledge of the effects and use of tea plants is probably the oldest in the world. They inhabit the area that is considered […]

Secret of Baozhong teas from Wenshan mountains

24. 07. 2018

As soon as we entered the small darkened room where tea leaves whithered, we absorbed unbeliavably sweet heady aroma of exotic flowers. Tea leaves were laying there in many levels of bamboo mats, the air was vibrating and we got a dizzy spell from its intensity. Every time I put a cup of Baozhong tea […]

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Mirka and wood-fired porcelain clay

18. 05. 2018

Mirka and her “new chapter” with porcelain clay inspired us to ask her few questions. Mirka, you have started to work with porcelain clay. Is that something new or a kind of a return to the roots? A bit of both, probably. Porcelain is not a new material for me, but not a return to the roots, either. […]

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Spring Flush − Nepal vs. Darjeeling

07. 05. 2018

Why start a month earlier with the same conditions? The spring tea season has is here again. Couriers of renowned companies are coming to our door every day, delivering plump envelopes and being greeted with a big smile – we know what they bring! The dozens and dozens of tea samples from gardens of famous […]

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Tile master and Potter Martin Hadrava

23. 04. 2018

Lives in Klikov, South Bohemia. This is a transcription of the words that Martin wrote about himself after making a deal and drinking some tea with us. He said he had to do it fast because later on he would not get to it anymore. He took a pen, sat at a table and started […]

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Sheng Puerh from 2009

23. 03. 2018

2009 Mengla Gushu Bing Cha Wild Trees Puerh This exceptionally well processed sheng puerh in 400 g cake from wild tea trees comes from tea master´s Jingong Yu hands. The cake consists mainly of long, quite hairy unbroken leaves. It´s darker green brown metallic colour shows it´s maturity. It has pleasantly balanced aroma with a slight earthiness, […]

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