The Gifts of Fire – Jiří Duchek

03. 11. 2018

We bring another poetic text by potter Jiří Duchek, this time about fire, its power and might, about what it brings and how it transfroms things… Wood-firing from a potter – poet point of view. Like desolate temples consecrated to fire ages ago, like cave sanctuaries, cold kilns sleep quietly in deserted places. Kilns that […]

Mirka and wood-fired porcelain clay

18. 05. 2018

Mirka and her “new chapter” with porcelain clay inspired us to ask her few questions. Mirka, you have started to work with porcelain clay. Is that something new or a kind of a return to the roots? A bit of both, probably. Porcelain is not a new material for me, but not a return to the roots, either. […]

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Mirka and the Boat

01. 02. 2017

How did Mirka start to make tea boats (or tea seas)? We have known potters Petr Novák and Mirka Randová for seven years. They both create teaware in their own specific way. We asked Mirka a few questions about the phenomenon of tea boats, which we keep discovering, using and – most importantly – admiring.     […]

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A journey into the history of tea growing in Darjeeling

20. 11. 2014

Interview with legendary Himalayan tea grower John Taylor Autumnal flush in Darjeeling and neighbouring Nepal has reached is climaxing, we at are happily tasting lots of both great and average teas, intensively communicating with tea traders and growers. Among them there is a number of very interesting people who have dedicated their whole lives […]

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Potters from Doupě

Potters from Doupě

01. 11. 2013

On the last October weekend, extended by the public holiday, we had a chance to visit our friends in Doupe. Mirka Randová and Petr Novák have their pottery studio and original home there. Thus we could watch them working (they do not stop on weekends), have tea with them, choose some pieces for our e-shop […]

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