Jun Chiyabari – from Bio Production to Natural Farming

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We cooperate with Nepalese tea garden Jun Chiyabari for some years already. Their teas are a guarantee of quality and pureness, because since the beginning they farm organic and recently they turn more and more into Natural Farming, when the fields are moreless left to themselves. We had an honour to invite Mr. Bachan Gyawali, owner of […]

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Hadong – thousand years of tea

08. 06. 2019

„A long time ago in Hadong – a steep mountain region – there were little to be offered to the king. After a long contemplation, people gathered tea leaves that grew between the rocks and presented them to the king, which he liked and bestowed the title „tea of kings“. Frist Tea Field and an […]

Oolong from Taiwanese mountains

20. 05. 2019

High-mountain tea or gaoshan tea (Chinese: 高山茶) refers to several varieties of oolong tea grown in the mountains of central Taiwan. They are light oolong varieties with sweet, milky flavours and floral aromas. It is grown at altitudes higher than 1,000 metres above sea level. The high humidity and natural precipitation in the high mountain […]

How Do I Choose The Right Tea? – Volume 3

28. 04. 2019

Cost-benefit ratio − tea budget   There’s a parallel with the world of wine. We recommend starting with basic types of tea, learn to appreciate them and only then venture into the world of top (meaning expensive) teas. Because there’s no way back. Or better, there is − one can go back to cheaper teas, […]

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Easter Matcha Eggs

11. 04. 2019

 Who has no time and courage to bake Easter cookies can easily create delicious unbaked green Easter eggs with a Japanese powdered green tea – Matcha. Every delicate piece with a grated coconut or genmai (roasted rice), that melts in your mouth, will replace a cup of a strong green tea! Ingredients 10 g of […]

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How Do I Choose The Right Tea? – Volume 2

27. 02. 2019

The effects − tea as a substitute for coffee People often visit us because they want tea to substitute the large amounts of coffee they drink. Now, it’s good to know that the cocktail of substances you find in a cup of tea is somewhat different to what you’ve known from coffee. Both the beverages […]

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In a first, Tea Board sets plucking start date

09. 01. 2019

Indian State is regulating the tea season. What effects it will practically have we don´t know yet. What we know is that probably our cup of tea will be a bit more costly… The Telegraph published 21st of December 2018 The Tea Board of India has, for the first time, given a date for commencement of the plucking […]

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How do I choose the right tea? – Series

11. 12. 2018

1st part – Taste of Tea There’s no easy answer to this question. Perhaps except for finding an experienced source you can trust and whose teas never disappoint. Let’s have a look at that question anyway. It depends on what you are looking for in a tea. • What are your taste preferences? What are […]

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Journey To The East – Wistaria Tea House Vol.1

22. 11. 2018

Journey To The East is a title of a beautiful exhibition in Wistaria tea House in Taipei opened on 10th of Nowember 2018. Two artist show their ceramics – Andrzej Bero (PL) and Emilio Del Pozo (US). Andrzej is our long-term friend and we regularly present his pieces. Thefor he agreed to write about his […]

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The Gifts of Fire – Jiří Duchek

03. 11. 2018

We bring another poetic text by potter Jiří Duchek, this time about fire, its power and might, about what it brings and how it transfroms things… Wood-firing from a potter – poet point of view. Like desolate temples consecrated to fire ages ago, like cave sanctuaries, cold kilns sleep quietly in deserted places. Kilns that […]

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