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Tie Guan Yin Oolong from Muzha

11. 08. 2017

Taiwan Muzha Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong is a traditionally processed tea from cultivar Tie Guan Yin that originally comes from a Chinese Anxi region in Fujian province. (Ti Guan Yin tea is anmed after “Iron Goddes of Mercy”, female emanation of Buddha of Compassion, Avalokiteshwara). Taiwanese Muzha 木柵 district is famous thanks to those excellent […]

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Black soil – discovery by master Duchek

22. 07. 2017

It comes from Džbán highlands. Wood-fired at 1200°C in a strongly reduction atmosphhere, it means in a minimum of oxygen inside kiln, therefor carbon stays mostly in the clay and doesn´t burn out. So the clay gets special qualitites such as visible exceptional colour and tactually we can feel it similar to slate (fosilized mud […]

How a Tea Wood is born – Ondřej Sedlák

29. 06. 2017

Do you want to look behind the scene and see the process of tea wood making? Ondřej Sedlák puts his passion into it and he gave us this text and photos of one of his recent pieces. Enjoy!                                    I was […]

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Simply water

22. 04. 2017

Next chapter from original texts written by ceramist Jiří Duchek. Pottery arises thanks to skilful hands, soil and fire and last but not least, water. Let´s have a look at a water story by master Duchek. Beautiful b/w pictures were made by Martina Šimková.     Freezing, cold, warmer, boiling! The rain’s over. The stray cloud […]

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What is micro-lot and how tastes DJ Goomtee Oolong

04. 04. 2017

In early season, when leaves grow in very small quantities, tea is processed into so called micro-lots, marked as EX or EXN. These are quite exclusive batches of tea, highly valued for several reasons. First, it is a very small quantity of the very first spring tea that grew on tea bushes in Darjeeling (Nepalese […]

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And what about Darjeeling…?

15. 02. 2017

While our stock of last year´s First Flush from Darjeeling and Nepal slowly dissappears, we are getting information about upcoming spring season. And that is not very encouraging. It seems, that every year the news from Himalayan foothills repeat again and again…   Every time we hear about disfavour of weather, about drought or labour […]

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Mirka and the Boat

01. 02. 2017

How did Mirka start to make tea boats (or tea seas)? We have known potters Petr Novák and Mirka Randová for seven years. They both create teaware in their own specific way. We asked Mirka a few questions about the phenomenon of tea boats, which we keep discovering, using and – most importantly – admiring.     […]

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Jan Pávek and his new Anagama kiln

24. 01. 2017

Jan Pávek built a new kiln and we introduce this year´s novelties. Few new pieces and Jan with his kiln…

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