Easter Eggs with Matcha

Whoever does not have the time for baking may concoct luxury non-baked green eggs with Japanese powder tea in a couple of minutes. Moreover, each fine piece with coconut or roast rice, which will dissolve in the mouth, is worth a cup of green stimulating tea.
10 g cooking powder green tea
250 g butter
200 g powdered sugar
200 g powdered milk
200 g shredded coconut
100 g genmai (Japanese roast rice)
Mix butter, sugar, powdered milk and powder tea thoroughly with your hands. Shredded coconut may also be added. Work until the dough is compact and single-coloured, refrigerate for a while to make the dough easier to shape. Shaping eggs is tough, it helps to buy a small rubber egg and prepare a mould from it. You may need to practice for a while, but the result is worth it. Eggs should not be too big, as they would lose delicacy. You may divide the dough in two halves and roll some of the eggs in coconut or roast rice (it has a fine bitter taste which matches the sweet taste very well).
Tip: Store in the fridge, but not for too long. Matcha eggs are intended for quick consumption.

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